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This website was born out of passion in the distant 2002 and is not a commercial website, it was created to share web articles, written by myself in his diary, web applications written by myself and much more.

This website collects some information about the visitor

Here's what is collected:

Why is this information collected? Mainly for security reasons. If I had to suffer a cyber attack I would have logs that would allow me to trace the culprit or at least put in place self-defense mechanisms to protect me and my users from possible future attacks. Use for statistical and cognitive purposes is not excluded.

Commenting on an article we collect the following information:

At the time you write a comment you are required to consent to the publication of your personal data as specified in this Policy, without such consent I will not be able to publish your comment.

Using the contact form the following information is collected: At the time you write a message on the Disqus platform you are subject to their Policy

At the time you write a message you are required to consent to the sending of your data as specified in this Policy, without this consent you will not be able to send the message.

By subscribing to the NewsLetter the following information is collected:

When you sign up for the NewsLetter you will receive a welcome message containing information to manage your registration. Sending and cancellation methods are managed by Aruba. When you subscribe to the NewsLetter you are required to have your consent as specified in this Policy, without this consent you will not be able to receive the NewsLetter. The NewsLetter will inform you of important news about scripts developed by myself and possible updates of the same as well as other news regarding this website.

Access to data

User rights

The user has the right to request the deletion of sensitive data concerning him or that are detrimental to personal dignity. Since those who comment on this site do so substantially anonymously (I have no way of verifying that the information entered by the user is true), anyone, posing as another person, may request the deletion of content that does not belong to him for various reasons not better identifiable, which is why I do not normally accept requests to delete data that are not proven by evidence. In case of proven data cancellation request, the user can send an email to Alessandro Marinuzzi (me), indicating the URL containing the data on this website. Done this, I will provide for the cancellation of comments/messages of those who have made lawful request.

Other services

This website can receive donations through "PayPal" buttons integrated into the pages of the site, but the donation management mechanism is entrusted to the same "PayPal" which manages any cookies and collects the data necessary to complete the donation. No sensitive payment data is stored on this website in any way. However, there are YouTube videos that are published on this website with the "nocookie" advanced privacy mode and some Web Fonts.

Data transfer

I will never give your personal data to third parties, I will only transfer them to the competent bodies at the request of the Judicial Authority.

Cookie Policy pursuant to the GDPR n.679/2016


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