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Welcome! This website was born back in 2002 and is my world, my way of thinking, acting and to relate with others. Over time this site has undergone several upheavals mainly due to my increased technical skills. Way back in 2002 the tables were still widely used and I did almost a dogma then fell over time, now my site is developed entirely on div and css2/css3. The need to keep pace with the times inspired me to rewrite the code php/html/css several times before coming to today's version, it cost me hard but it was a good experience because I have evolved. My favorite development tool is Notepad2, an evolution of the notepad windows that adds advanced features while maintaining lightness and simplicity. Another very useful tool that I use is Notepad++, in portable version, which is essential because of the regular expressions that supports and for search and replace text recursively. In general I prefer programs that are not installed and that you can put in a pen drive without any problems. You may not know it but I have developed every single line of code using only a text editor and if you haven't noticed my site is fully validated by the w3c and contains no syntax error. To develop I use Notepad2 and Mozilla FireFox with the extension Html Validator which is very useful when eg forget to close a tag, or commit a syntax error. Of course on my PC I use Apache2 and Php8 that are essential tools for development web-oriented! If you like my website, find my articles useful or find my applications useful, you can leave me a donation by clicking on one of the PayPal buttons at the top. Okay! It all seems! I hope you'll enjoy it here!

Happy surfing and happy reading!


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