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This page contains a list of useful links. Here are links on websites, news, blogs, software, forum, projects and more. Moreover, here you can do some research using Google that in my humble opinion is the best search engine in the world! But that's not all! You can, again thanks to Google, perform targeted searches within my website without having to read everything but what really interests you! In this way the search of articles or other content becomes simple and immediate! Now it seems to me absolutely everything!

Happy surfing!

[Link - Poems/Stories]
Poem written by me on 03/06/2003 (download here - 461 downloads)
Ode to Life written by me on 02/12/2015 (download here - 557 downloads)
Story written by me on 08/03/2004 (download here - 524 downloads)
Theorem written by me on 09/21/2016 (download here - 414 downloads)

[Link - My Links]
My photo album
My personal photo album

[Link - Suggested]
Free and absolutely legal commercial software!
The best Amiga emulator in the world!
News from the Hi-Tech world!
News from the Hi-Tech world!
Site for professional and enthusiast programmers!
Forum for Programmers!
Learning to Program and Design!
Usage and download of PHP!
Usage and download of Apache Server!
PHP Classes ready to use!
A lot of Open Source Software!
The Free Encyclopedia!

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