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This web page contains a list of updates to this website so you can keep track of important new features introduced by the undersigned and in the public domain for all readers. Scripts, website updates, thanks and credits updates will go from here! Now it really seems to me everything!

Happy surfing!

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After a careful meditation I decided to increase the veclocity of the site by rewriting all the urls with relative path!
This web page is born to keep track of everything, updates, credits and thanks!
After browsing the web I found that Firefox has some printing problems, ie it can not keep the same layout displayed during printing (WYSIWYP), to avoid you can print the pages of my site using Chrome or Opera that work very well, if you really want to print with Firefox you can use the "simplify page" trick that removes all style sheets when printing!
My Privacy Policy is born! Finally I managed to write it!
Finally, after a long and painful meditation, I decided to move from a tabular layout to one based on div/css. My evolution begins!
Purchase of the alecos.it domain and subsequent migration on Aruba.it hosting!
Migration of my website from alecos.dreamhost.com to alecos.altervista.org!
My website is born with the first version hosted on alecos.dreamhost.com!

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